Your Perks at Luko

Luko has negotiated discounts with partners for its policyholders. Join Luko and take benefit from them!


Get the best offer
for your structural damage insurance and save money
Do you want to buid or renovate your house ? Bâti Assure will simplify for you the procedures to purchase a strucural damage insurance. Get your quote instantly.
5% off
your next move with the leader Des Bras en Plus
Des Bras en Plus is the french leading online professional movers booking service. It's the best! He offers you to get your quote and book online in 5 minutes.
10% off your
excellent legal counsels with Avostart lawyers
Avostart is a matchmaking service between individuals and lawyers. Seeking legal counselling? With Luko benefit from 10% off your phone conversation with a lawyer.

Real estate

100€ for your pleasure
for the sell of your property with Hosman
Hosman offers a full-service real estate brokerage to sell your apartment efficiently while guaranteeing transparency. And they only charge € 4,900 total.
Get 2 months off
of the rental management of your accommodation
Your accommodation handled with peace of mind at the best price by Flatlooker : a dedicated expert, open fees, half the price of equivalent services of rivals
Free and quick valuation
of the rent of your accommodation with our innovative technologies
Flatlooker is the online real estate agency specialized in rental and lease management. Get an expertise combined to our algorithms to get an exact and immediate valuation or your rent.
Get 1 month of fees off
if you choose Bellman as trustee during your next general meeting
Bellman is a co-ownership trustee really responsive and transparent, putting the satisfaction of co-owners at the heart of decision process. Luko got you one month off of Bellman trustee's fees.
€ 50 off
Settlesweet flat-hunting services. Don't hesitate !
Let them do the heavy lifting, Settlesweet is the best tol find the property of your dreams. And as a bonus, Luko secured you € 50 off their flat-hunting fees.


1 month off with your Luko insurance
by choosing a green energy suppliers with Hello Watt.
With Hello Watt find a cheaper and greener electricity or gas supplier. One month of Luko insurance is offered by switching to a green supplier with HelloWatt!
15% off
on the social company OOPLA ecological kits
OOPLA is a social company that offers simple and economical solutions to reduce our footprint on the planet. And Luko offers you 15% on all its kits !


Izidore estimates for free
the resale price of your furnitures to help you empty your place
On Izidore, you can sell all the furniture you want in a single ad, so that you can empty your accommodation without lifting a finger. Sell and buy second-hand furniture has never been that easy !
10% off all
your requests posted on the social network AlloVoisins
AlloVoisins is a social network dedicated to handy work and DIY projects. Planning on working on the house? Enjoy 10% off thanks to Luko if you get it done through AlloVoisins!
€ 10 off your
first appliance repair with the 5-star rated
Want a 5-star rated appliances repair service? That's! With Luko, get € 10 off your repair package, worth € 75 all included (besides spare parts if needed)

Insurance & Finance

1€ per month microcredit
on credits that can range from 200€ to 600€
Finfrog is a peer to peer microlending platform. As Luko insuree, your microcredit only costs you 1€ per month. This offer stands for the first loan until 2021/03/10.
First month is free
with Coverd, the smartphone insurance 100% online
Coverd is a fully digital and is non-binding insurance for your smartphone. Because we know your mobile is precious. First month's free, on Luko. Enjoy!
A multi-currency account
using your smartphone in only two minutes.
Open a Free account and get 2 months free on the Monese Premium plan. Unlimited allowances and zero fees on all transfers, top-ups and ATM withdrawals.