How do Luko’s claims work ?

If something bad happens 😔, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you. Claims are handled by our team of experts. Make a simple video claim quickly in our app.

2 minutes

To declare a claim.

2x as fast

To pay you back.
Our objective is to pay 40% of claims in less than 2 hours.

2 days

For a handyman to come to your home.

Forget paperwork, welcome to 2020

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1. Quick

Just tap “My claims” in your app. Don’t have a smart phone? Call Us. 😏

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2. Simple

Tell us what happened. Film the damage.

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3. Effective

We run 20 fraud detection algorithms.

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Luko timer

If your claim is simple, it's refunded within 2 hours.

Luko camera

If not, our team executes a remote expertise to offer you the best solution.

Luko reward

In case of a very serious accident, an expert is sent directly to your home , to handle the claim in person.

You're not a handyman ?

to fix everything

We send you a specifically chosen handyman to repair damages. We even clean up the mess afterwards.

This service is available everywhere in France.

Our Difference ?

Unlike traditional insurers, we charge a fixed fee on your premium. We use your premiums to pay your claims and donate what is left to your chosen charities. Since we do not profit from delaying or denying claims, it's now in our shared best interest to handle them quickly and thoroughly.

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