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Covered in 2 mins, claims paid twice faster, an artisan at your door in 2 days. How does that look like in real life?

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Not so disastrous stories

Our members are the best placed to share their daily struggles with you. Water damages, attempted burglary, watch their stories about how Luko helped them with their claim.

Luko in the news

They talk about the insurance revolution: read what newspapers have to say about Luko.

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    "No more paperwork, no more endless calls to your insurance company and no more cheques sent three weeks later. The new Luko insurance company wants to dust off the outdated world of insurance"

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    "Its business model is original and transparent: 30% of the contributions are used to finance the fixed costs of neoinsurance (customer service, etc.). The balance (70%) is paid into a common fund to compensate the insured in the event of a claim. At the end of the year, the unused amounts are paid to an association chosen by the insured"

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    "Warranties explained simply, exclusions are highlighted: to put the client back at the center of the project"

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    How long does it take to cancel my former insurance contract?

    To you... Zero minute

    Luko takes care of cancelling your former contract for you.

    Only one condition: you must have had your current home insurance for more than 12 months. All you have to do is to give us some information when you subscribe to your new insurance with Luko and...

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    Why trust Luko?

    In order to guarantee the absolute financial strength of its insurance products Luko has joined forces with:

    Munich Re (Great Lakes): the world's leading reinsurer with annual revenue over €50 billion.

    Swiss Re, the second largest reinsurance company in the world.

    Your contracts are secured: if something goes wrong, they will be there to keep you insured...

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    What is the Giveback at Luko?

    The Giveback is being sure that your money is used wisely.

    Let us explain:

    Traditional insurers charge annual compensation on a large community of people to refund the unlucky few who file a claim during the year...

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