Luko protects you, your loved ones and your goods at home.

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Answer a few questions, we'll offer the best insurance to match your needs at unbeatable prices. Everything is explained in a clear and simple way, no more baffling insurance jargons.

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When something bad happens, we have your back. Tell us what happened and our team will dispatch one of our handymen in less than 2 days...

... or pay you very quickly.
Luko pays back twice as fast as the traditional insurers.

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What makes Luko fair ?

We charge a transparent flat fee to manage claims and cover operational costs. The rest is used to pay your claims, fast. At the end of the year, if there is money left unused, we donate it to the charity you've chosen.
With Luko’s Giveback, our revenue is fixed, we don't profit by denying your claims.

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To manage your claims, provide you with the best safety technology and to assist you whenever you need it.

30%, that's the lowest operation rate on the market!

How do we do it?

We don’t have sales agents or retail shops. Our AI handles administrative tasks so that our team can be fully dedicated to protecting and helping you, 24/7.

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The rest of your premium is used to pay claims, and we do this quickly.

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If there is money left over at the end of the year, we give it all to the charity of your choice.

Smart Protection

Prevention is better than cure. We develop and provide, free of charge, AI-enabled 'plug&play' devices to prevent water damage, fires, to detect intruders ... everything you don't want in your home.

How does Luko protect my home?
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Backed by the most robust partners

Our policies are underwritten by our giant partners, with over 150 years in service and 30 billion euros in assets. You are protected by the best and the most reliable.

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Munich Re logo

Munich Re is the world's largest reinsurance company and probably already re-insures your former insurer.

Swiss Re logo

Swiss Re is the world's second largest reinsurance company and La Parisienne's major shareholder.

La Parisienne Assurances logo

La Parisienne Assurances, founded in 1829, is the oldest privatly held insurance company active in France.