Dr. House
by Luko

Luko, the first insurance company to include a free virtual home inspection.
Water heater revision, isolation job, renovation projects, etc. Luko offers its best building experts to accompany you. Only with Luko.

Discover Dr. House

A doctor for your house?
Let us explain.

What if an expert helped you inspect the safety of your home and evaluate your upcoming renovation project ?

Discover Docteur House, a unique service to be accompanied by the best experts in the building industry.

Simple, fast and free!

Our services

Complete check-up
An expert will help you make a complete assessment of your home. From isolation and energy consumption to the safety of your home, including the quality of materials.
A well-maintained home allows you to prevent small annoyances that could turn into big disasters.
Repair diagnostic
Diagnosis by our expert on a problem of your home: cracks in a wall, boiler problem, front door that no longer closes, sound insulation problem, etc.
Our expert will help you fix small problems, and refer you to the right professionals for more complicated problems.
Development diagnostic
Our expert will help you clarify and cost your development projects: expansion, installation of a veranda or a mezzanine, kitchen renovation, etc.
An estimate made independently by one of our experts, so no astronomical figures or extra zeros!
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How it works?

I schedule an appointment on the day of my choice with the Luko expert.
On D-Day, I receive a link to log in.
I do my 20 minutes of teleconsultation from home.
I receive a report with expert advice tailored to my home and my projects.
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