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Insured in 2 mins, claims paid twice faster, a handyman at your door in 2 days.
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Feedback and testimonials from our insurees

Google, June 2020
Before I didn't even look at the name of my insurance, I just took one at random and prayed that someone would answer the phone.

But with Luko I have the same protection with nice people who know emails ...

Then you can call them the Lukoums (confirmed by Anaïs), and yes there are real people to help you :-)
Bastien Autret
Google, June 2020
Super simple to change insurance with Luko, and a lot of savings in the long term. The team is top and very professional!
Juliette Langlais
Google, July 2020
My experience with Luko is very good.
The claim is made very easily via the application which is quite complete and intuitive.
The video contact with an interlocutor is very efficient, fast, the explanations are clear and precise. We get straight to the point, it's simpler and more reassuring and we really feel supported.
The compensation was paid quickly and without worry.
I recommend Luko assurance without hesitation
Gregory Vandrisse
Google, June 2020
I highly recommend Luko: I recently subscribed to Luko and I (accidental life) suffered a disaster (loss of my keys) very soon after my registration and everything was perfect! The Luko switchboard was reactive, the intervention took place within the time limit that had been indicated to me, the locksmith who was sent to me was professional and friendly, and everything was covered, I had nothing to pay. No complaints !
Djene Stean
Google, July 2020
2nd claims in the space of 6 months and second satisfaction for this company !! Kind claims managers at the top, responsiveness in exchanges by email which allows you to follow up the damage and to feel accompanied and supported !! Quality service that I recommend to all home owners
Benoit Proutat
Google, June 2020
Sending a locksmith in less than 2 hours, supported, straight!
Saved us well
François Meurisse

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avis des echos sur Luko
"Luko a bâti un concept 100 % digital et solidaire à contre-courant des canons du secteur. Elle compte sur sa communauté de early-adopters et la qualité de son service client pour séduire de nouveaux utilisateurs. "
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avis de BFM business sur Luko
"Luko veut bousculer le monde de l'assurance habitation. La start-up s'attaque à ce secteur en inventant un modèle d’assurance et de réassurance plus simple et transparent pour l’utilisateur. "
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avis du figaro sur luko
" La start-up Luko a décidé de lancer une assurance spécifique aux nouveaux enjeux du déplacement urbain comme les trottinettes électriques. Elle couvre les dommages corporels, le vol, la casse, les mesures juridiques et inclue une garantie de responsabilité civile, en cas d'accident "
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avis de challenge sur luko
"La promesse est forte: "assuré en 2 minutes, remboursé en 2 heures, un artisan en 2 jours". Et l'ambition affichée par Luko n'en est pas moins forte: réinventer l'assurance habitation. Déjà 10 000 foyers pré-inscrits"
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avis sur luko de Maddyness
"Luko lance en France son assurance habitation sur un modèle qui se veut responsable et transparent. La promesse : 2 minutes pour s’assurer, 2h pour être remboursé, 2 jours pour réparer "
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avis sur luko de frenchweb
"Le principe de Luko est simple et mise sur le meilleur en chacun d’entre nous pour créer une relation de confiance. En fin d’exercice, s’il reste de l’argent non utilisé, le solde de la cagnotte est reversé à une association choisie par l’assuré"
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Frequent questions

How can I trust Luko?
Don't you worry! We cover our back to cover yours.

We are endorsed by the most robust partners, with over 150 years in insurance.
Swiss Re is the second biggest reinsurer in the world. We are in good hands 👐
La Parisienne Assurances was founded im 1829, making it the oldest private insurance company in France
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How does Luko differ from traditional insurers?
It's very simple 👌

We want to reinvent insurance by putting an end to the conflict of interest that exists in this industry, namely, that there is always a loser and a winner. If a traditional insurer reimburses you for a claim, he loses, and you... win (and vice versa).
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    I am already insured, how to switch to Luko?
    It’s refreshingly simple. Who would have believed?
    All you have to do is insure at Luko: and
    we will take care of canceling your old contract for you. That’s all.
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