Luko’s Giveback

Our mission : transform the insurance industry for a better society.

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How the Giveback works

When you sign up for the Luko insurance, you can choose from 4 charities.

We create a common fund for all users who've chosen the same charity.

At the end of each year, we give what's left in the fund, directly to the charity!

With The Giveback ...

You know exactly where your money is going.
All the leftover money goes to the charity of your choosing.
This effectively ends misaglignment of interests between insurers and insurees.

  • You get the best and cheapest insurance, and still get to support a charity of your choice.

  • There is no longer a conflict of interest between the insurer and you. We only collect a 30% flat fee, and we don't try to increase our revenue by finding good excuses to deny your claims.

  • Social responsibility & positive impact is at the core of our business model.

Support one of these charities

Join The Movement

Some may say that we are idealists. In reality, we just have big ambitions to use AI to build better services with positive impact. Luko Giveback is carefully engineered to bring the best out of us all. The Giveback structure ensures alignment of your interests along with society's best interests. A win-win scenario! We started Luko to make your home safer and to positively impact the planet. The bigger the Luko community grows, the broader our global impact will be.